Melissa Foell

Thanks for stopping in! My name is Melissa!

I approach projects and problems with creativity, humor, empathy, and a spirit of collaboration. I am friendly, positive, and a quick learner, all of which is beneficial to an office environment. As a coworker, I treat everyone with respect, and as a manager, I can easily delegate tasks by assessing the needs of the department and the skills of individuals. I embrace change, test new ideas, and learn new ways of working for efficiency in and out of the office.

I believe that in order to get any message across, imagery should be held at the forefront of the design.

My visual art pieces take visual components from 1950s to 1970s magazines, books, and other forms of printed media. I combine these images into compositions with emphasis on current versus past societal stances of gender, race, and identity.

As both a painter and printmaker, my images are built up in layers.

My paintings follow a narrative-driven, collage-based process, and my prints are experiments pushing the boundaries of what a printing process can achieve. My visual curiosity with vintage Americana has influenced my artistic work through sourced imagery. Often times I flip the script of midcentury expectations and values in order to spur constructive thought within the viewer.